Single Phase

Charging Pile.


This product is composed of charging pile body, wall hanging backplance etc… It has Bluetooth, Ethernet, 4G, APP control, reservation charging, current switching, changing protection and other functions.

  • Stable
  • Minimalism
  • Smart
  • Security
  • Reliable
  • Energy Saving

High Voltage

Battery Module.


Stand HV is a high voltahr DC LFP battery system with an operating voltage range between 200V – 450V. It is for residential solar & storage applications and works with high voltage singe phase or three phase hybrid inverters to achieve solar self-consumption, peak shaving or back-up supply. A battery system consist of controller and battery modules connected in series to achieve high voltage.

  • BCU
  • Stand HV
  • Base
  • Unit

Low Voltage

Smart Intergration BESS.


Release the potential of your solar storage system.

  • Multi-protection
  • Long cycle lifespan
  • Friendly size
  • 5.12kwf-LiFePO4

Single Phase

Hybrid Inverter.

EEE-1P3K-LE | EEE-1P4K-LE | EEE-1P5K-LE | EEE-1P6K-LE | EEE-1P3.6K-LE | EEE-1P4.6K-LE | EEE-1P5.5K-LE

Support for Time-of-use Optimization. Configurable Operstion Modes. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) (Optional). Build in Anti-feed-in Function. Compact Size and Easy Installation. Smart Monitoring & Remote Firmware Upgrade 2. MPPT. PV OVERSIZE MPPT CHANNELS. 1.5 Times PV Oversize Up to 2 MPPT Channels.

  • PV Oversize
  • MPPT Channels
  • UPS Functions
  • Parallel Stacking

Single Phase

String Inverter.

EEE-1P3K3G | EEE-1P3.6K3G | EEE-1P4K3G | EEE-1P5K3G | EEE-1P6K3G

MPPT efficiency > 99.9%. Two MPPT design. Active and reactive power compensation, adjust power factor. No fans design. Quick and easy installation. High-quality power output and low THDI.

  • Anti-Flow
  • PV Oversize
  • Protection
  • Smart Scanning
  • Wi-Fi Optional
  • Mobus Ready

Top Con Technology

Solar Panel 410W-440W.


Junction Box – Waterproof protection grade: IP68
Safety Level: Class II. Maximum System Voltage: 1500V
Outstanding Waterproof level.

Frame – Strong mechanical load resistance up to 5400Pa Anodic Oxidation layer resistant to chemical corrosion.

  • SMBB Technology
  • PID Resistance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Enhanced Load

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